How are HK items shipped?

We use a direct to consumer fulfillment solution. All items are sourced, produced, manufactured, and fulfilled in one place. While we use the most sustainable solutions for packaging (100% recyclable material), we are always working towards improving the process, to ensure we use the best practice when it comes to shipping.

What are HK items made of?

All HK items are made of 100% mechanically softened linen. 

What do you mean by “sustainable”?

We endeavour to be as waste-free and circular as possible in our production from design to shipment. Right now that means we use 100% locally sourced fabric, and 100% recyclable shipping materials. We are continuously improving our processes in this regard. 

Where does HK ship to?

We currently ship to Canada, USA, Australia, France, and UK.

Where are HK items made?

HK’s items are made locally in a Vancouver manufacturing facility from locally sourced fabrics. We will never manufacture our clothing overseas, and as we grow we intend to create our own innovative manufacturing centre.